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If you have visions of published books dancing in your head, then you’re in the right place. I help business owners transform their expertise into a finished book that grows their business, establishes their authority, and earns passive income.

Hi, I'm M.C.Walker

Who am I? I'm an Atlanta based ghostwriter, copywriter, editor and writing coach extraordinaire. I take care of both the nitty-gritty aspects of writing, like grammar and spelling, as well as the big-picture issues of organization and flow.

I also coach creative business owners along the winding path that is book writing and publishing. Whether you have a book that needs to be edited, or you have an idea that needs to be transformed into a book, you’ve found the right girl.

For copywriting, I transform your words into a language your audience will love to help generate quality leads and grow your business. I specialize in creating compelling content for legal, local business web content, health, and fitness industries. 

Ready to Get Started? Start here

Or to discuss your requirements e:[email protected]

Ready to self-publish?

 I have just what you need.

If you have a book or a partial draft that you want to be edited, check out my book editing services. These packages are perfect for business owners who want a second pair of (very experienced) eyes to go through their work and look for grammar, flow, and idea development.

If you don’t have a finished book, I can still help! My book coaching service is perfect for creative entrepreneurs who have an idea for a book, an outline of a book (or maybe just the start of one), or a partial draft and want some guidance bringing that vision to life and completion.  


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Effective as of July 1, 2019, a nonrefundable $25 fee for consultations will be required and completion of a questionnaire.

The fee will cover the 15 - 30-minute consultation. Fee and questionnaire must be completed prior to appointment.

Late fees & cancellations

A late fee will be applied to invoices that are 3 to 5 days past due. If the invoice is not completed within 3 days of original due date a 10 % balance increase will occur.

If the invoice is not completed within 5 days of the original due date a 15 % balance increase will occur.

If the invoice is not completed within 7 business days including weekends, the invoice will include a 20 % increase owed on the original invoice.

The work for hire agreement will not permit the work to continue until full payment is received.

Clients will be notified of cancelation of the work for hire agreement in the event the client is not responsive to inquiries via email, phone calls or text.

A cancelation may or will occur if at any time the hired ghostwriter and/or assistant is not provided with adequate material to complete the work.

Cancelation can occur at any during the agreement if the relationship between either party become volatile or disrespectful.

The client will be notified immediately of a pending cancelation and provided an explanation.

If a cancelation is applicable to the agreement, the client has 3-5 business days to complete 50 % of the remaining balance of the invoice. If the balance is not addressed in 3-5 business days a 20 % increase will be applied to the invoice every 3-5 business days.

If a balance is unpaid after two weeks, a civil suit will be brought against the client for current and past due fees.